Permaculture The Only Hope We Have For Long Term Survival


WARNING: This post is depressing. Do not read it if you are easily depressed for weeks on end or have mental issues, or if you just don’t like reading sad things. SERIOUSLY! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Even as a young child, the way our society operated seemed wrong to me on a fundamental level. But I never could imagine a holistic system that could serve as a replacement for the old one. One fateful day, I stumbled across this incredibly intriguing concept of sustainable living systems and it changed my life forever. A better alternative to a society which exploits people and the environment in extremely unethical and unsustainable ways, is a Permaculture based society.

Geoff Lawton defines Permaculture as:

“A system of design that provides all of the needs for humanity in a way that benefits the environment.”

A Permaculture based society and economy is literally the only way humanity can survive comfortably into the indefinite future. Our population is projected to soar to 9,600,000,000 humans,  by 2050. Energy consumption is projected to increase by 56% by 2040. Perhaps most importantly, food production will need to increase 60% to 100% by 2050.

On a world with billions of humans, everyone must live as sustainably as possible or our (ecological) life support systems will fail.

Our life support systems are already starting to fail.

It’s currently April, 2016. The ocean is acidifying, large ocean fish populations are at 10% of pre industrial levels, earth’s temperature is increasing at a rate faster than most scientists predicted, the glaciers are melting quickly, rainforests are being clearcut; the list of environmental degradation is staggering.

Humanity always operated on a limited timeline. The question now is, will our own extinction come within the next 100 years? More specifically, will we manage to kill off the phytoplankton that produce 70% of our oxygen? Will 50 gigatons of methane be released into the atmosphere by 2025? Will climate change cause extreme loss in crop yields?


It’s impossible to answer these questions with certainty. However, it seems that climate change will likely cause a colossal catastrophe.  It seems that it is very likely millions of people will die from climate change. I don’t even want to think about what will happen if the worse case scenario becomes a reality.

Up until that starts happening, people will continue to listen to the media which is controlled by 6, multi billion dollar corporations.

I do not blame people for avoiding the truth. The truth would crush most people. Our brains simply haven’t evolved to deal with this type of information.

Permaculture is our only chance to get out of this mess. There’s probably a 1 in 10,000 chance that billions of people around the world will start practicing Permaculture. I think we have a 1 in 10,000 chance of getting out of this mess without massive casualties. We all have to die someday.

Everything is impermanent. Nothing lasts forever. Buddhist philosophy brings me peace. Love brings me peace. I hope the world finds peace.








Great Ways to Build and Enhance Soil

On average trees planted in structured soils with biochar have grown approximately 1 meter every year – something which was unheard of in Stockholm.  The grass which grows around these trees is thick and lush.  Embrén has also surprised to see mycorrhiza developing in the biochar enriched substrates, something which he hadn’t previously seen anywhere else in Stockholm.