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Permablitz #183 – Clayton

Cool Organizations


“Once upon a time a group of natural builders, permaculturists, artists and friends came together to create a place to share their passions.

Agari Permaculture Farm was born, providing a workshop space for natural building, permaculture, natural health, healing and other things we’d love to share with you.

Learn more about us and make sure you visit real soon!”



Skyberry  Farm —-





“Meet Skyberry Farm. A Portland based organic farm passionate about building a community around healthy food. After several years of running a successful CSA program, we shifted our model and launched a successful kickstarter campaign. With the $30,000 we raised, we plan to build a community oriented bed and breakfast and event space by 2016. With the recurring funds from these operations, we’ll be able to give back to our community and fight food insecurity by donating all of our produce to local hunger relief organizations.”

“Bed and Breakfast

Imagine staying in a tiny home on a beautiful organic farm with hiking trails and coastal views. For breakfast, home cooked free-range chicken and duck eggs. For lunch or dinner, home cooked meals with ingredients straight from our 11,000 square foot garden.

Community Connections

Skyberry hopes to grow into a venue with plans to host our community through various activities including education workshops, community dinners, etc. In anticipation, we’ve already began constructing flower/perennial gardens and a beautifully placed field to dance on under the stars!


Eco Institute of Pickard’s Mountain —


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Pickards Mountain Eco Institute  is a 68-acre Educational Farm in central North Carolina dedicated to finding ways of living more harmoniously with the planet.  Their work is rooted in the belief that the fate of future generations will depend on their connections with the land.  Pickards Mountain got its start through Abundance NC’s fiscal sponsorship program.

When the fossil fuels are gone, people will have to find ways to supply their food and energy in renewable and sustainable ways.  By teaching the children to respect natural cycles and utilize renewable resources, we offer them keys to survival in a cooperative local and global community.

Workshops and Events at the Eco-Institute:
Pickards Mountain Eco-Institute offers workshops on everything from nature walks to yoga to kim chi making to film showings to storytelling to potlucks… check out the entire calendar!

  • Middle School Programs explore the idea of sustainability in agriculture and energy production while touring the farm, living village, and renewable energy system.
  • High School Programs explore the idea of sustainability and human responsibility while touring the farm, living village, renewable energy system, and biodiesel refinery. The environmental crisis is placed in an historical context, and students are empowered with the knowledge that their choices shape the future.

The Fellowship Program from Pickards Mountain:

Young adults enjoy living close to nature while learning sustainable farming alongside a 100kW solar energy system.  These young adults, the leaders of the future, have found themselves between years of university study with a sense of deep concern for the environmental crises we face, including global climate disruption.  The causes of the converging crises, not simply ecological, but also economic and social, are traced back to the philosophical roots of our societal paradigm.  These young adults (ages 18-32) spend their mornings working and learning important practical life skills, and their afternoons/evenings studying and discussing ideas by important change agents and thought leaders.”