Life Tips Collection #1


  1. Listen to a lot of upbeat music
  2. The more choices you have in terms of lifestyle the happier you will be.
  3. The more control over your own life the happier you will be.
  4. Having a good amount of free time to relax and enjoy hobbies is important.
  5. Having a pet dog or cat can often times be a great influence.
  6. Understanding psychology helps you to more efficiently address mental and social issues.
  7. Understanding biology helps you to more efficiently address environmental and physiological
  8. If you have “high quality” people in your life it tends to be better. If you have “low quality” people in your life it tends to drag you down and decrease your quality of life.
  9. It is not wrong to judge people to an extent. It is important to know if they are mentally stable and if they are a threat to you personally. Just do not judge people too much.
  10. Be able to identify and avoid CLOSEMINDED, TRASHY, and MEAN humans. Be able to identify and gravitate towards VIRTUOS and KIND humans.
  11. Be wary of MANY religious organizations. ALWAYS THINK FOR YOURSELF.
  12. Understand that deep down humans are driven by instincts just like any other animal.
  13. Understand that no human can perceive true reality. We are limited by 5 senses and a brain smaller than a watermelon.
  14. Eat healthy food. It will affect you positively in terms of mental and physical health. Eat less processed crap. (Avoid excess sugar, protein, and fat. Easier said than done!)
  15. Exercise is extremely important.
  16. Meditation is challenging to put into practice but extremely beneficial.
  17. Have valuable human relationships with people you can trust.
  18. Recognize hurtful attachments. (E.G. tv, junk food, money, many drugs including alcohol).
  19. Almost everything in moderation.
  20. Read as much as possible. (good material of course)
  21. Practice art, gardening, and other creative hobbies.
  22. Recognize the difference between good and bad stress. Minimize bad stress.
  23. If possible, have a good romantic relationship.
  24. Realize that living in some areas of the country will be MUCH better than others.
  25. Sunshine, freedom, and quality people generally promote happiness.
  26. Always know when you have something good in your life and make sure to preserve it whenever possible.
  27. Acknowledge the fact that mainstream culture is supremely disconnected from reality. Think for yourself.
  28. Do not buy into consumerism.
  29. Acknowledge that 30 year mortgages require you to pay $100,000+ dollars in interest to the bank. American capitalism in general is not a good system for the average citizen.
  30. Try to go off grid, grow your own food, and live sustainably as possible!
  31. Always know when you have something bad in your life and get rid of it whenever possible.
  32. Work on your mental thought patterns and general attitude. (many books on the subject)
  33. Always set new goals to reach. Always try to improve yourself.
  34. Realize that killing other lifeforms other than for necessity is bad. Realize that the US military is the most well-funded killing organization in the world. Try to divert your taxes to tax deductible nonprofits.
  35. Be able to change your mind based on new emerging facts and knowledge.
  36. Make to do lists. This makes you soooo much more productive.
  37. Recognize the value of logic and use it extensively.
  38. Base your opinions off science and logic, not taboos and prejudices.
  39. Read self-improvement books (Ultimate power, Miracle of Mindfullness, Your Money or Your Life, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Resilient Farm and Homestead).
  40. Go camping and improve your connection to nature.
  41. Live simply.
  42. Avoid pollution. (E.G. car exhaust, perfumes/febreeze, cleaning products with toxic chems, scented candles, VOC paint). Pollution does kill through cancer and other diseases. It can also cause neurological problems.
  43. Learn and embrace the precautionary principle.
  44. Stretch your muscles often. (E.G. yoga)
  45. Become as educated in science as possible. Especially in terms of ecology, psychology, physiology, nutrition, pharmacology, and permaculture.
  46. Permaculture is the most sustainable and healthy life system I know of. Practice it!
  47. Eat less meat to minimize your environmental impact and improve your health. The average American eats way to much meat. Stick to chicken and fish. Try to minimize eating red meat. FYI pigs are as smart as dogs! Think about that before you support the factory farming of pigs!
  48. Treat all life forms with respect.
  49. Have one kid or none. There are 7 billion people in the world. Humanity is consuming resources at an alarming rate. I predict the future will be a bumpy ride for the majority of humans that are not wealthy. If you don’t believe me, do your own research.
  50. Take the mainstream media with a grain of salt. They are owned by multi-billion dollar corporations with conflicts of interest.
  51. Focus on things you can change personally like your carbon footprint, mental state, financial state, the wupup.jpgelfare of ALL animals, and the integrity of the environment. Even if it is a small change, you will change the world around you every day even if you do not try!
  52. Realize that everything is interconnected. This is scientifically proven.
  53. Realize the value of statistics. (E.G. stats on the economy, food prices, health in relation to fat and protein consumption, environmental, psychological)
  54. Do good deeds for other lifeforms.
  55. Realize that love is the reason life is worth living.