Sources of Happiness

I find myself pretty lucky in terms of what makes me happy. Really, I enjoy the simple things in life quite a lot. Hiking, companionship, gardening, and creating art are some of my favorite things. 

I’m going to make a list of some of the most important things to me in terms of happiness. 

Happiness List

  1. Personal Relationships
  • Romantic – I should not put my happiness into another person’s hands, but I can’t help it sometimes. Love is blind and fun while it lasts; then it shatters your heart. Hopefully, I will find my soul mate.
  • Family – It’s important to have time set aside to spend with your immediate relatives, once a month or less may do.
  • Friends – It’s important to have at least one great friend you can count on.


  1. Growing plants – This gives me satisfaction. Its hard work but also rewarding. Horticulture is also extremely interesting.

3. Homesteading – This encourages freedom and creativity.

4. Being Positive – It’s almost impossible to have a positive life while having a negative mindset.



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