Books I’d Like to Read and Books I Have Read

Books I want to read:





Books I’ve Read (at least partially):





The book weighs in at a hefty 2.4 pounds and includes:

  • The economics of mini-farming and why sustainable practices are a prerequisite to home gardening being an economic positive rather than a break-even affair at best.
  • A comprehensive description of soil biology and fertility, along with composting practices, biochar, cover cropping, crop rotation, how to make your own fertilizers, micro-nutrients and more.
  • Raised beds, double-digging, seed starting, seed saving, and seed selection strategies are discussed. Tables are provided for determining the timing for starting seedlings and planting out your crops, as well as isolation distances for saving seeds.
  • A unique three-part pest and disease management strategy is described in detail. The strategy takes all available organic methods into consideration including barriers, beneficial insects and organic sprays (including some you can make yourself).
  • Getting the greatest productivity from your beds by inter-cropping, staggered plantings, optimal spacing, and timing the planting of cold-hardy crops for fall harvest.
  • Growing fruit and nut trees as well as vines and cane fruit, including pruning and training techniques and dealing with the unique challenges of growing fruits organically.
  • Raising chickens for eggs, meat and manure for compost, including guidelines for space and nests and complete step-by-step photos of processing chickens for meat.
  • Plans for a unique and inexpensive chicken plucker that really works!  Several people have made videos of the plucker in action, and one such video can be found here.
  • I cover canning in a unique way that makes recipes unnecessary by demystifying the time requirements. Charts and tables are included and by understanding the principles used to determine the timing, you can literally can any recipe rather than being constrained to follow those in a book.
  • I also cover blanching, freezing and dehydrating as methods of food preservation, and describe which foods are best processed by which method”



Permaculture Resource dump



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