A Farming Video That Touches My Soul

Growing flowers and farming is showing me to not give up when I am not instantly good at something and that if an idea fails it doesn’t mean I am a failure.

– Aisling Aine Maye, flower farmer at Skyberry Farm

Our generation wants to interface. We see the things that are wrong and instead of escaping we choose to lead by example. We feel like we don’t have any other choice then to fix what we have.

– Claire Jutras, Earth Candy Farm

Sometimes it can feel like there are so many young farmers, but in the larger picture it is minuscule. More than 50 percent of Canadian farmers are over 55. There are not enough young farmers to replace them.

– Kate Rustemeyer, Hoe Down CSA at Tulaberry Farm


Take a tour of one of the nation’s largest permaculture installations 5 years after planting. Part of an innovative project by Living Future Foundation, integrating food, energy, and building systems with exceptional build quality, all within the pristine Camels Hump watershed (near Burlington Vermont). Joined by Ben Falk of Whole Systems Design and Earth Asset Partnership.


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