Off Grid Income Ideas

Really, almost nothing matters more than money when you are talking about maintaining an off the grid property. At the very least, if you can’t pay property taxes the government will steal your property and sell it to someone else without batting an eye. Thankfully property taxes usually aren’t too expensive.

When we are talking about basic living expenses I think I can live very simply on $8,000. That is the bare bones amount of money I would need to survive on for a year if all the property was paid off and I had no debt. $665 a month is a conservative estimate.

It’s also important to note that having a reliable partner in this affair would relieve quite a bit of financial stress. We will see if that happens…

Cost breakdown:

Average American healthcare: $320 per month — mine–$200 per month

Car insurance: $100 per month

Cell phone bill: $50 per month

Gas: $100 per month

Food (until self sufficient): $200 per month

Internet: May need to use cell phone internet

Total = $650

Need to work 81 hours or roughly 2 weeks at a job that pays $10 an hour to make $650 (when considering taxes). 

3,750 hours at $10 an hour to make $30,000

1,875 hours at $10 an hour to make $15,000 (Roughly 33 hours a week with no vacation for one year)


63 Businesses to Start for Under $10,000-


  2. Build raised beds for people (drip irrigation and compost delivery)
  3. Landscape for people
  4. Permaculture consultation (design and implementation)- large or small projects 
  5. Sell things on ebay and etsy
  6. Start a woodworking or artistry business
  7. Sell produce and value added products
  8. Teaching
  9. Part time job- Work in the winter full time
  10. Sell nursery stock – fruit trees, and shrubs
  11. Write internet or magazine articles
  12. Make meals for the elderly
  13. Hosting weddings, reunions, and parties
  14. Write a book
  15. Sell MEDICINAL herbs like mint (herbalism)
  16. Selling livestock like chickens, goats, and sheep
  17. having a boarding kennel (DOGS)
  18. Sell flowers and floral design
  19. Sell mushrooms
  20. Ginseng
  21. Meditation/yoga retreat
  22. Digital art/Graphic design
  23. Photography (Weddings)
  24. Bed and breakfast
  25. Hosting weddings
  26. Handyman service 
  27. Life coach 
  28. Handyman service
  29. Sell seeds (organic)
  30. CSA
  31. Ecological design consulting and conservation planning/easements
  32. Land design
  33. Yardwork
  34. Public education (general)
  35. Children day camp
  36. Glamping
  37. Blogging – adds
  38. Social gathering area/Farm dinners
  39. Survivor school 
  40. Grazing lease (not likely)
  41. Woodworking
  42. Sell wood/boulders
  43. Woodworking – Custom knife maker
  44. Sell compost bins and chicken tractors/houses
  45. Sell art
  46. Sell soaps 
  47. Sell honey and syrups 
  48. How to ferment food class
  49. Nutrition class
  50. Sell pestos and james
  51. Natural building class
  52. Fishing guide
  53. Sell tilapia
  54. Sell eggs 
  55. Sell honey
  56. Meditation classes/healing classes- art, yoga, meditation
  58. elance/guru
  59. Developing a homestead dvd
  60. Lifecoach dvd
  61. Podcasts – Good idea for personal use atleast
  62. Wildcrafting
  63. College paper editing
  64. Computer services
  65. Country or Permaculture or Sustainable life store
  66. Woodworking classes
  67. Sell cheese and soap
  68. Host dances
  69. Sell turkeys ($100) or goats ($300)
  70. Lawn care (cut grass)
  71. Kids day camp



“As Mark cautions, if you’re in this game, you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket – you put multiple eggs in multiple baskets.”

“If we look at Mark’s example in the early years (and when I say early I mean the first eight years) he was growing row crops, annuals, cattle, hogs, he had part-time jobs and has done a lot of miscellaneous things.”

BUDGET EXAMPLE (holy crap they bring in a lot of money for not very much pain or suffering on their end)



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