How to Exit the Rat Race

Disclaimer: I am still in the process of exiting the rat race. I have not successfully exited the rat race yet.

So you’ve decided you want to exit the rat race?

You may be able to exit the rat race through a different technique but these are the general requirements for my technique.

Well first you need a very, very, well thought out plan. Then you need considerable amounts of money and a willingness to live a simple life. Then you need to be willing to live out in the countryside. Then you need to have not many expensive medical costs.

Still on board?

Good, I’m tired of typing sentences here’s a list.


  1. Willing to live in the countryside
  2. Money and the ability to manage it VERY well
  3. Hard work 
  4. Ability to plan
  5. Ability to grow food
  6. Ability to learn how to build infrastructure
  7. No colossal health costs
  8. Not super materialistic
  9. Able to adapt
  10. Able to bring in an income, cottage business? 
  11. Able to appease or avoid government bureaucrats 

I’m sure there are thousands of ways to exit the rat race but I am going to present to you the one that I have chosen.


  1. Learn everything possible about sustainable food production
  2. Learn everything possible about building a sustainable, cheap, off the grid house. Build the house yourself to save massive amounts of money.
  3. Save the required amount of money. We’re talking about starting the project with around $45,000 dollars in the bank if you are doing this fairly cheaply. You can take out a loan if you want.                                                                                                                           I don’t recommend being more than $20,000 in debt. Really, taking any debt is not advisable. But I think these are desperate and unstable times and that it is better to get land sooner rather than later. —–Land = $20,000 (including a road)—-House=$25,000—-Raised beds and other infrastructure=$10,000——(TIP —Build a cheap house (later to be repurposed as a work shed) and infrastructure then improve when you save more money. Build your homestead fairly gradually.)
  4.  Build your infrastructure. I predict it will take 6 months of steady labor to build a gravel road, small house (200 square feet), small bath house (200 square feet), and 10 raised beds. (TIP—-used recycled materials/cheap materials off craigslist) (Ask for help but don’t count on it)
  5. Continue to improve your property. Get involved in growing organic food for CSAs and Farmer’s Markets. 
  6. There is a good chance you will still have to have a regular job at least for 6 months out of the year for several years until you are able to save enough money. That’s not ideal but at least we are not talking about working a 40 hours a week for 45 years at a job you don’t like.
  7. Find a partner. This will alleviate financial requirements considerably if done correctly. Do not get legally married as this can cause financial ruin if you become divorced.
  8. Do not have children. Children cost $250,000 to raise from 0 to 18 years old on average. If you do you WILL have to work MUCH harder. Plus the world’s already overpopulated and the future isn’t looking so bright for future generations at the moment.
  9. Let your business or income grow. You will likely need $8,000 a year to pay for basic living expenses. That is the expense per person. A realistic and ideal income would be $16,000 per person, after taxes. This would allow you to save $8,000 a year for retirement. 
  10. Meditate, read, eat good food, make love to your soul mate.
  11. Enjoy the rest of your life. You no longer have to be a wage slave. You are free from the shackles of a 30 year mortgage. You have all the fresh and healthy food you could ever want. You get enough exercise everyday. You get fresh, unpolluted air every day. You are the master of your own destiny. You are doing something meaningful. You are not destroying the environment. You are not in debt. You are as free as anyone who ever walked the planet.



Alternative routes:

  1. Join an ecovillage or intentional community (Easiest) 
  2. Find a homesteader and marry them
  3. Move to a different country with low cost of living (I.E. Costa Rica)
  4. Start an intentional community or ecovillage (90% of them fail within the first year)
  5. Live in your parent’s basement



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