Why Exit the Rat Race?


WARNING: Strong language, heavy truths that some may find offensive

Look at my post, “How to Exit the Rat Race” if you don’t want to read about the problem, just the solution. 

Do you find beauty in the American dream, a mortgaged home, three kids, and working 40 hours a week until you are 65 (or older)?

If you do then carry on with your day. For the rest of us, I am here to tell why you should exit the rat race.

 Why exit?

The main reason I want to exit is because our current society/rat race is unhealthy. It’s unhealthy financially, psychologically, environmentally, ethically, spiritually, philosophically, and physically. Basically, society is just really fucked up!

Why is it fucked up?

I am not 100% sure; it probably has something to do with money being worshiped as a god and ruling/controlling our entire lives. Money is the main reason people sign up to go to modern war, justify destroying the environment, exploit people unfairly, and take away basic human rights (I.E. the war on drugs). This is the essence of REAL WORLD capitalism.

Society is probably also fucked up because humans are instinctively violent creatures (at times). Our species has a long and well documented history of murdering and enslaving one another. Our chimp relatives also have some violent characteristics as well. 

We must transcend some of our violent and less desirable instincts and find and value love above all else. Compassion, love, and mindfulness are what is necessary for the highest quality life. 

In summary, the rat race does not promote happiness or physical or mental health for many people. I am one of those people. There is a better way to live life that doesn’t require working 40 hours a week for 45 years. Look at my post, “How to Exit the Rat Race” to learn more. 



  1. “Of over 150,000 people surveyed only 30 percent admitted they honestly enjoy their job and their bosses.”
  2. 150403-pew-bosses-editorial (1)
  3. kff11.png
  4. percentageincreasekff
  5. 6358359882436216361965175721_obese
  6. f
  7. credit-card-debt-per-household_large
  8. Mortgage-5501.jpg
  9. $177,000 down the drain for a 30 year mortgage. Isn’t that the definition of a fucking scam?
  10. worldpop.png
  11. young-wage-high-school-earners
  12. college-graduate-wages
  13. inflation-since-2000.png
  14. “Medical care is up over 70 percent.  Housing is up over 40 percent even with the crash in the housing market.  Basically the only items that held steady where apparel and recreation. “
  15. living-at-home1
  16. retirementcrisisJ1.jpg
  17. 10258193_622402274520596_2715174614955447894_n
  18. 10274047_441701172599186_3602470053530891474_n
  19. 10366217_1603370049883256_9170760525909740644_n
  20. 12072724_10156135997790010_2439823689517744348_n
  21. capitalism_doesn__t_work_by_ztk2006-d5l0kwt
  22. capitalismrocks
  23. ClimateChange03
  24. Global-Warming-2012-CA-Technologies2
  25. images
  26. min_wage_housing_-_776
  27. proxy (1)
  28. tumblr_n2m0wqojSP1r83d7lo1_500
  29. tumblr_n924t4vyCP1s4vi02o1_540tumblr_njxhvnEfRy1tior20o1_1280
  30. tumblr_nzdb5qHPpr1sdb1eoo1_1280wage-slavetumblr_ny4812zeZG1r30f6io1_540
  31. Dividing-land-like-wealth.jpg
  32. e8e769434637bac51011961be9494cf7










Comparing the inflated cost of living today from 1938 to 2015: US Dollar losing an enormous amount of purchasing power since 1938.

Why are so many young Americans living at home? Record number of Americans living at home while student debt reaches another record.



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